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Samsung will also offer customers “self repair” on certain Galaxy devices.

T-Mobile has (again) pushed back the CDMA 3G shutdown date.

T-Mobile Connect plans are cheaper than ever – and once again hits directly at the Metro dealers.

Cox wins suit vs T-Mobile. Can choose Verizon as MVNO partner. Decisions still to be made.

AT&T having voice issues since 3G shutdown – and it happened to us!

T=Mobile shakes up executive team

T-Mobile is being sued by multiple dealers for “fraudulent” and “predatory” business practices

As we’ve mentioned before, today (2/22/22) is the sunset date for the AT&T 3G Network. This will impact all non VoLTE phones, as well as (potentially) other devices like home security (that use wireless as backup or primary communications) and even some in-vehicle (i.e., OnStar) in older cars. —   NWIDA members, contact us today if you Read more…

Is Batteries Plus headed for a class action lawsuit?

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