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Is T-Mobile Getting Ready to Close 1000+ Metro Stores?

T-Mobile _ NWIDASure seems like it.

T-Mobile has made massive changes in the compensation structure to Metro by T-Mobile dealers. Despite vocal opposition, directly to senior management, no real changes have been made.

Now, word on the street is certain dealers are being told to prepare to close. Permanently. Through various sources, we’re hearing it could be up to 1500 or 2000 more store closures.

Let’s look at what we know:

• Before the merger, Metro had about 9500 retail locations.
• In April, T-Mobile eliminated non-exclusive Metro stores, which removed about 750 or so stores.
• In September, T-Mobile started to “poach” (as the dealers called it) Metro customers who paid 12 months or more, “inviting” them to become T-Mobile direct customers.
• Now, factor in the compensation changes, where stores actually can lose money on every sale.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations learned they don’t need as many brick and mortar locations – people WILL buy on-line.

So, does it all add up to “8000+ locations are too many”? It certainly looks like it.

We would like to ask the FTC and FCC, does this violate the promises John Legere made during the merger negotiations? In fact, we will ask them just that,

Stay tuned…



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20 comments on “Is T-Mobile Getting Ready to Close 1000+ Metro Stores?

David M Lessard

Isn’t metro supposed spectrum and customers now dish customers under the deal?


No sir, that was Boost Mobile


T Mobile stores wl not even help a Metro customer, they act like Metro is a red headed step child and they are total assholes. If they close Metro we will go to Google Fi and we have been with Metro for 9 years


Leave Metro alone . I pay online but it’s nice to know I can go into a Metro store if I need to , it’s convenient & quick . Leave well enough alone.

Tesia C

Metro has been flexible on prices and GREAT service. T-mobile are greedy and about the numbers. Stores need to be available for service and payment is easier than online and being a potential target for theft.

Stephanie Mahoney

Everybody can’t afford to pay that high price. METRO is a great store to get a phone the price are cheaper than t mobile


You can’t buy Metro phones online. At least not upgrades. I was trying for months.

That Guy

Those text messages TMo sent Metro customers happened a lot earlier than Sept 2020 and they gained no traction whatsoever. Metro has always had too many stores. Closing a bunch will make everyone healthier in the long run.


I’m going to guess you don’t own any Metro stores. 🙂

Tanya m Sell

I like going into the store. My phone is covered under my warranty so I can go in and have them do what they do and I know its getting done right… and at a timely manner..


When I had my plan with t Mobile I was grossly overcharged for both devices and monthly plan, since I switched to metro I’ve been very happy with metro pcs prices and their services. Unfortunately my local metro store caught on fire and has yet to reopen, I’m concerned because I recieved excellent customer service in store and have purchased several phones and tablets there for my family all at reasonable rates. Don’t close metro, don’t give into the telephone monopoly.

Jana Garrett

Please leave store open i like going to the store and paying my bill in person

andrea Montenegro

If u close the metro stores how are we supposed to pay our bill


Don’t close the stores. I personally like going into the store and paying my bill in person knowing it gets paid in full each much. And you’re incorrect when saying that WILL buy online. No everyone will, or can afford to. People need to go into the store and have help with getting thier phone set up. It’s a very unsafe idea to just do everything online. Please leave the stores open.


Agree yes in that order!


Well don’t forget ? (Under?) Keep us in mind. Otherwise thanks
Metro people be nice. And seek understanding.


Need John legere back at TMobile,metro, Sprint,boost,and virgin mobile. He is the one who built it up from going under,to at least 5 mergers and TMobile going from almost under to top of the list. He is the magenta king. T-mobile needs John it’s so obvious.


TMobile is the dirtiest mobile phone franchise ever..I hope they fail …they dont care about their customers


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