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Verizon Moves End of CDMA date

**Updated on 1/6/21 here**

Verizon has changed some of the dates for it’s CDMA network retirement.

Starting January 1, 2020, Verizon will no longer allow any CDMA (3G and 4G Non-HD Voice) ‘Like-for-Like’ device changes.

Additional changes include but are not limited to:

Starting January 1, 2020:
No Longer Allowed:

  • Transfer of Service, moving from one account to another account
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), providing a CDMA device to activate on an existing line
  • Swapping one CDMA device for another CDMA device
  • Roaming outside of the US

Still Allowed

  • Suspend / Resume
  • Number change
  • Upgrades to compatible 4G or 5G devices
  • Activating new lines of 4G or 5G devices

Starting January 1, 2021
We are moving all devices to our HD Voice LTE network, the Verizon CDMA Network will remain available as-is until December 31, 2020. Any service requests related to CDMA devices will receive limited support and be encouraged to upgrade to newer technology.

Impacted Devices:

  • 3G-only devices, including 3G basic phones and 3G smartphones
  • 4G LTE smartphones that do not support HD Voice (ex: Apple® iPhone® 5s or prior)
  • Connected devices with CDMA (e.g., GizmoPal, GizmoPal2, GizmoGadget and some Hum + models)
  • Proprietary Customer Built 3G Equipment

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4 comments on “Verizon Moves End of CDMA date

3G speed is no longer the future, in case you dont know verizon phone are unlocked for gsm carriers worldwide.


So I interpret this new posting to mean 3G customers (with working devices) effectively have another year on the CDMA network. The total 3G shutdown has been pushed from December 31, 2019 to December 31, 2020. I have an unopened LG Extravert 2 I bought as a spare for my current phone, and I guess I should do a “like-for-like” swap by the end of 2019 before they freeze out CDMA device changes.

According to some of the other trade press, Verizon still has some big enterprise customers with contracts for 3G devices and is giving them additional time. But the “as-is network” is a big flag… Verizon could easily turn off 3G service in areas where it’s not used for enterprise and leave straggling CDMA customers without any bars.


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