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National Wireless Independent Dealer Association

Remove the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)

Or, why are we here?

NWIDA was started by 4 wireless industry veterans because we saw the need for a stronger voice. Independent dealers – (no matter if you own a single kiosk in a mall or if you own 300 branded stores)

For thousands of Sprint, Boost, Metro and T-Mobile Dealers, this is an uncertain time. The Carriers are not sharing their plans and it looks likely that they may reduce the amount of stores.

Are they going to be fair to the Dealers in that process? Pay the costs that are associated with shutting down a store?

For the unbranded or multi-carrier stores and repair shops – you face challenges every single day.

The indirect channel has always been vital to the subscriber growth (and the overall growth for that matter) to the carrier. I’ve been in the wireless business since 1987 and when I worked for a carrier, I saw what adding 250 dealers did to our sales overnight.

To be blunt – the wireless industry would not be where it is today without the independently owned stores.

And, from the beginning, they’ve been at the mercy of the Carrier and the Master Agent.

Before joining NWIDA, I owned a Master Agency – we heard the voices of the dealers – and decided it would help if they had a single, strong voice.

A voice that would carry the message of thousands – without being a union.

We modeled ourselves after AAA – what they do for drivers, we do for the dealers.

Dealers need someone to represent their views without fear of reprisal from the Carrier. NWIDA is that voice.

When you join NWIDA, you don’t only get thousands of dollars in discounts – you make us stronger. You make the industry stronger. You make the entire dealer network stronger.   (And yes, you still get thousands of dollars in discounts)

But you get a team that fights for you. That was in regular contact with the Attorney General in over 20 states, and the DoJ – informing them about YOU. That when “carrier corporates” said they wouldn’t fire any carrier employees – that didn’t include over 25000 of YOU (because you technically don’t work for the carrier.) Guess what – they didn’t know that. They do now.

We work with other associations to get fair and equitable laws passed. Industry and dealer friendly laws. Laws that make it easier for you to do your work – not harder.

Join us. Today

We will work with you and on your behalf. Every day.

Adam Wolf - NWIDA

asw - nwida

Adam Wolf

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