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The Big Merger News – What’s Next?

The more things change, the more they are the same – and the one constant I’ve seen in 30 years of wireless is — change.

Yesterday, Sprint and T-Mobile announced their intention to merge into the “New T-Mobile” (you can read the announcement here.)

But the real question is – What does that mean to you – the wireless dealer.

For right now, not much. The deal still needs to be approved by the government, but if it does go through, it means a lot.

What will happen if my store brand goes away?
Will “the new T-Mobile” kill off the Boost brand?
Will they kill off the Metro PCS name?

NOW is the time to get stronger – and NWIDA, the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association, is the only association ONLY FOR the independent wireless dealer.

The stronger the independent dealer is, the better the business, and the industry. WE are the only organization working for the dealer every day.

Don’t get caught short. Don’t get caught looking. Learn what a national association can do.

NWIDA can put extra money in your pocket.
NWIDA is fighting for industry friendly legislation.
NWIDA provides the knowledge you need to be smarter in this ever changing industry.

NWIDA is here for you – the independent dealer.

Join us today, and be stronger.

– Adam Wolf
National Wireless Independent Dealer Association

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