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Wireless Vision Slashes Door Count

Closed - T-MobileWe’ve learned from a reliable source that Wireless Vision (the largest T-Mobile retailer in the US) will be closing over 170 stores and will be “dissolving” 3 of their regions. 

More people were laid off due to the “restructuring” of T-Mobile’s new distribution plan. 

The Wireless Vision website claims over 600 stores (in 25 states), so this will impact over 25% of their door count.  In addition, the website now states “now partnered with Metro by T-Mobile.”

As we stated in our previous posts – T-Mobile will end up owning 90-95% of all T-Mobile distribution and the Metro stores will be indirect. However, in total, ALL the stores will end up being owned by a small handful of companies. We believe T-Mobile is eliminating the position of the “Master Agent” and replacing them with what we’re calling “Super Agents” – companies that own hundreds, if not thousands, of stores. And nothing that T-Mobile has done is proving us wrong.


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