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T-Mobile targets Boost, Cricket in new prepaid offer

T-Mobile _ NWIDAFierce Wireless reported (link below) that “T-Mobile is taking the gloves off” and has announced that Metro by T-Mobile is offering a $25/month plan to entice Boost and Cricket customers over to its 5G network. The offer starts July 29.

“Our smartphones are our lifelines, and yet a generation of prepaid customers are being left behind in the 5G era by providers and plans that keep them locked on old technology and slow, over-priced connections. If Cricket or Boost won’t upgrade their customers to 5G, Metro by T-Mobile sure will,” said Jon Freier, EVP, T-Mobile Consumer Group, in a statement. “At Metro by T-Mobile, we put customers first. The biggest 5G network at half the price of Boost or Cricket, unlimited data with 5G included AND a free 5G phone? Talk about an easy upgrade.”

It’s an aggressive offer, said Wave7 Research principal Jeff Moore. Metro by T-Mobile has been running an offer for $40 per month for switchers, so $25/month is “fairly aggressive.” What’s not so different is a free 5G phone.

“The idea that a free 5G phone offer is new, that is not at all in line with reality,” he said. Earlier this month, Wave7 reported on how four free 5G phones were being offered to switchers.

It’s also an “exploding offer,” he said, in that it ends after two years and the price goes back up to a higher rate. That’s not unusual in telecom, as a lot of offers promise a great price for a limited time and the bill goes up after that, but “it’s something to be aware of.”  

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