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T-Mobile exec reveals takeover strategy: Shut down Sprint network and …

Image result for braxton carterAccording to a report in (link below) T-Mobile’s acquisition of MetroPCS provides a roadmap for the company’s planned Sprint takeover.

CFO Braxton Carter (left) provided details on the wireless company’s strategy, if its Sprint bid is approved.

“The playbook that we did with Metro, it wasn’t combining two networks. It was shutting one network down and extracting some assets (from) that network to enhance the T-Mobile network,” said Carter, in a transcript filed with the SEC. “We’re now applying the same philosophy here.”

The integration would start with new customers. Shortly after the merger, customers would still be able to walk into a Sprint store, but they would be signing up for a plan on T-Mobile’s network.

Later, when T-Mobile’s network had enough capacity, T-Mobile would start moving existing Sprint customers to the T-Mobile network, Carter said.

T-Mobile would ultimately shut down Sprint’s network once customers were moved to T-Mobile’s network, which would allow T-Mobile to close some Sprint cell sites and re-allocate spectrum.

Carter said the company would take a city-by-city approach to deciding where to consolidate spectrum and close cell sites and stores.

“If you don’t do it right, you’ll end up losing a lot of customers,” he said.

T-Mobile’s MetroPCS takeover is largely regarded as a success. MetroPCS has doubled it subscribers to 18 million from 9 million since the deal closed. Carter said T-Mobile’s network strategy for MetroPCS helped it merge the companies faster, cheaper and with “essentially no” customer losses

“It’s really MetroPCS redo with the Sprint deal,” he said.

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