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Sprint Employee Memo Warns of “Limited Sprint Prospects” Without Merger *Updated

*Updated – We now have a link to the story. See below. 

According to a memo sent to Sprint employees today, CEO Michel Combes Sprint Memo warns of Limited Prospects - NWIDAhas told employees of a not-so-rosy picture if the T-Mobile merger doesn’t go through.

We believe the memo included a quote from a letter Sprint previously submitted to the FCC: 

“Without the merger, the trajectory for Sprint will worsen and Sprint’s prospects will be limited. Sprint will be forced to further reduce its operating expenses, which means more job reductions in Kansas City and throughout the company, and our future as a stand-alone company will be in jeopardy… Despite working hard in the past five years to transform Sprint, significant challenges continue to prevent us from thriving as a stand-alone company. Simply put, we lack spectrum assets, scale and financial resources needed to compete aggressively against the larger wireless companies.”

With the most recent news, and memos like this being sent to employees, Sprint and T-Mobile may be getting worried the merger is not approved.

Link to story – Click here

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