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Simply Wireless Closes 100 Sprint Stores With Little Notice *Updated

MOBILE NOW Closes 100 Sprint Stores - NWIDA - Stock Photo - Sprint Store - **updated** – normally, when a contract ends this “suddenly” there is a serious breech of contract by one of the parties. We will update this post if/when we gather additional information. 

NWIDA has obtained a memo from the EVP and co-founder of Simply Wireless, informing their employees of the instant closure of all retail locations. Simply Wireless had over 100 Sprint branded retail locations, under the name Mobile Now.

According to the memo,

…certain contracts between Mobile Now and Sprint have ended suddenly. Due to the cessation of the contracts with Sprint, which allowed for the authorized sale of Sprint products, we have no choice  but to conduct employee separations. All Mobile Now retail locations will be closed as of April 1, 2019.

The memo was actually sent on April 2, 2019.

It further says:

These employee separations impact employee who work at, or report to, Mobile Now retail locations. The entirety of the business on these impacted Sprint contracts will cease. Your employment with Mobile Now will end on April 1, 2019.

It is not clear how many employees this impacts. Simply Wireless was founded in 1997 and in addition to the Mobile Now stores, they own the brands Simply Prepaid, ShopCellDeals and Wireless Partners. It does not currently appear that these brands/divisions are impacted.


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17 comments on “Simply Wireless Closes 100 Sprint Stores With Little Notice *Updated


Reading this, I’m somewhat glad to know this place was shut down. Not only did this company figure out ways to force customers to buy bundles of worthless accessories with phones; they figured out ways to force associates to force customers to buy SPRINT CONNECT, basically home phone service and if you did not sell one you did not get a monthly commission. Forced management to work 50+ hours a week and sell and take from associates to meet goals. They had the system so locked down that you had to call their support team to do anything such as taking account deposits, trade-ins. I had the feeling that any place with such rigorous controls that handicapped field employees had some kind of scheme going on. I was 100% right. Then the Marrow Mack people ….. I hope all that were employed are doing well

Jay T

I worked for this shotty company back in 2010 to 2011. I have never in my life seen such a bunch of crooks in my life. From lying to customers to stealing from employees for “chargebacks”, they are scum. I hope the owners and upper management of this organization go straight under ground if you know what I mean. It is great to see this news(I’m a little behind). ROT on Simply Wireless….

Former Corporate Employee

I was with MobileNow for 8 years at the corporate office. A business doesn’t last for 15 years if it does fraud as some of the other comments are stating. It is understandable that anyone would be upset when losing their job. My hope is that everyone was able to find another place of employment and can move on to their next chapter. When speaking to others that found employment elsewhere, they say that they miss the excitement, their team, and the money made at MobileNow. I definitely miss my position at MobileNow. The Sprint announcement was a shock to the company as well. Sprint solely caused this issue, and speculation is because of the pending T-Mobile merger and the need to shut down stores. Unfortunately there is never a good way to tell people that the company is no longer in business, and that we would no longer have jobs. I was as shocked and surprised. Instead of bashing the company, think about what knowledge and new relationships you gained. The friends made, and the memories that won’t be forgotten. There aren’t any winners.


I hope you’re right but it is interesting that Sprint has not done this to any other indirect stores due to the merger.


The office atmosphere is completely different from how Retail Operations worked. After the Marrow Mack consultation they led themselves directly to where they are at now. I quote from Clarence Marrow “The performers will change, or the performers will change” let that resonate for a bit how serious and aggressive they were when looking for new lines.


I would love to help out those that have been displaced in the wireless industry and those that may be looking for a change as I have several positions available from Retail Sales Associates to Retail Store Managers. Message me if interested with your resume.

We are a Premier Dealer for T-Mobile.


I worked for MobileNow for few years in a leadership role. But walked away a couple years ago to have more time with family and other reason. I had enjoyed the staff that i had around me and wish them the very best. It’s very Sad to hear that people lost their jobs. I hope everyone will find a job that they can be proud of and enjoy life.


I worked as an Administrative Assistant for this company for about 10 years. One day I walk into work thinking it was going to be a normal day… An hour into my shift I was told my services were no longer needed and that “Sprint had stopped paying us”. More like Sprint caught onto the games you were playing and stopped paying you.
I also was told I would not be paid out my 40 hours of vacation pay…
This place way my life for many years. I missed MANY holidays, birthdays, and family functions for this shitty ass company. They left hundreds of people without a job because of the shady business tactics THEY forced us to do.
Karma will come around though. I can only hope they loose everything in her path too.

Former Store Manager

I put several years in with this sad company. They took advantage of the good employees squeezing every dime out of them they could even taking illegal deductions from paychecks, my employees noticed this and went to the Department of Labor fought and won their battles every time. The scam artist owners are getting what they deserve at this point, in my 20 years in wireless I have seen so many agents go down for this type of behavior. Good luck to all those whom have lost their jobs on the sales level – to the corporate level you have finally gotten what you deserve.


I worked for them for 3 years. The way they went about this was heartless and cold.


I was supposed to start my first shift with Sprint MobileNOW on April 2nd 2019. 30 minutes before my first shift I get a text from my new boss saying that it shut down and we’re now unemployed. How the corporate leeches can thing this is okay in ANY capacity is grossly unprofessional and downright sickening. How many unpaid rents, lost cars, overdue bills and destroyed livelihoods is that? The people who knew and said nothing deserve to lose everything just like their employees did.


I was a DM for this company for 2 years… sad company to work for. I has suspicion to believe it was a money laundering scheme or a short term business to rip both customers and employees off… bad representation of Sprint, regardless.

I feel for the employees and their families, hope they find a moral company to work for so they can see what life is supposed to be like.


As a DM Im sure you saw the worst of the worst with this company. I worked on the Sprint side of the business and I can assure you that the type of business Mobile Now was running was not very ethical and the reason Sprint parted ways with them was for many, many reasons. Mobile Now attempted to get a contract with TMobile after Sprint let them go and were unsuccessful because TMobile previously had a relationship with Mobile Now and wanted nothing to do with them. Very sad for all the employees who were left unemployed.

Madis Uusleer

I worked for this company for 3 years. It was my 2nd home. I put blood, sweat, and tears into this place at multiple locations. And for them to just close down business without letting anyone know, it breaks me. We all have bills to pay and they didn’t care about it at all. The owners of the company wanted to get there money, so they made a fake rep, basically a robot. And they got access to customers accounts and added stuff to it without the customer knowing. Sprint ended up finding out and closed all the doors down. Mobile now didn’t let us know anything about us closing down. They took inventory and promotions away and they kept making excuses to why, instead of telling us the real reason. Now 100+ people have to find another job so they can live. Crazy


I used to work here. I have family that did until now. They were affected by this. There are rumors I heard that owners and upper management were doing fraud themselves on peoples personal accounts.


They funneled fraudulent activity through my location and we reported it to the FCC after months of no one from upper management stopping it. None of us expected this and we are all devastated. I am sorry.


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