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Right to Repair Update

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We recently received an update from Here it is in summary form::

Washington State passed Right to Repair out of Committee in January, the first this year to move ahead.  Washington upped the ante on manufacturers by adding design criteria requiring easily replaceable batteries. However, they ran out of time to have a floor vote in their short session.

Both New Hampshire and Vermont held public hearings and appear headed towards study commissions to resolve questions of which products should be included in a final bill, and which to exempt, proving that they are already planning to move Right to Repair on principle.

Wyoming was unable to move their Farm and Ranch equipment repair bill in their extremely short “Budget” session this year.   Virginia and Hawaii both decided to consider their bills “later” — which is code for “Next Year”.

Nationally, the picture is bright.

Illinois has refiled a new version of Right to Repair which is headed to their Rules Committee.  New Jersey has added a Senate version of the Assembly bill already filed.  Missouri now has two competing bills in the House — one from each party.  Tennessee has bills in both the House and Senate. Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska may yet move ahead despite short sessions.  Massachusetts and New York are both waiting on committee, and North Carolina has yet to start their session.

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