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NWIDA statement on FCC Merger Approval


NWIDA was pleased with today’s announcement by FCC Chairman Pai regarding his backing of the Sprint / T-Mobile merger – as it relates to the news that Boost Mobile will be spun off.

It has always been NWIDA’s position that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the New T-Mobile to keep both Metro and Boost brands, and particularly their indirect driven distribution.

This news at least provides a good start to keeping the independent dealer owned Boost stores. This is a positive step for the 8000+ small and medium businesses and the nearly 30,000 employees of those organizations.

We hope those companies who will bid for Boost will, as Boost founder Peter Adderton has already done, pledge to keep these businesses in business, and we look forward to working with any company who has an interest in buying Boost.

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