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NWIDA Public FTC Comment

FTCUS PIRG and iFixit have recently filed a petition with the FTC regarding Right to Repair. 

YOU have the ability to comment – which the FTC will read and take into consideration – regarding the filing. Just click here to comment. 

Earlier today, NWIDA filed our comment. I’ve copied it below.

Now it’s your turn – if you support Right to Repair, please click here and comment.

Here’s ours:

Good day,

My name is Adam Wolf, and I am President of the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association ("NWIDA") - the only trade and advocacy association for the 40,000+ independently owned wireless sales and repair shops (

We fully support USPIRG and iFixit's petition to have the FTC initiate a rulemaking to protect consumers' right to repair products they have purchased.

Commonly known as "Right to Repair" (or R2R), laws that enforce or support this are crucial. Not only for the consumer to have a fair choice on where they can have their electronics repaired, but for the thousands of small and medium businesses that do these repairs.

These companies employ thousands of American citizens and provide a necessary and highly valued service to the public.

Just as our country does not force automobile drives to go back to the manufacturer for repairs and maintenance (imagine being forced to go back to your dealer for a simple oil change) - we should be allowed to choose who we can go to repair our cell phones and other electronic devices.

NWIDA urges you to consider and pass the petition requests.

NWIDA members, contact us today if you need our assistance. If you’re not yet a member, we invite you to join today.
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