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Is Expo Mobile Migrating Customers to Selectel Wireless?

According to an article in (link below), Selectel is apparently moving their customers to Selectel.

According to Joe Paonessa, the author, he was contacted by a person whose husband is a subscriber to Expo Mobile.  Her husband started receiving text messages from the company asking him to call Selectel.  When he did, he was informed that Selectel would be taking over customer service for Expo Mobile.

Joe then called Expo Mobile’s customer support number. The support number listed on their website is the number for Selectel Wireless, and the representative he spoke with confirmed that Selectel is handling customer service for Expo.

The rep did say that subscribers cellular service would still go through and be maintained by Expo Mobile.  However, the original contact stated she did had to refill her husbands wireless plan over the phone through Selectel.

Expo Mobile’s social media accounts have been inactive for quite some time.  They stopped posting to Facebook in July of 2018 and their Twitter account has been dark since May of 2017.

Read the entire article here

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