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Is Dish Shutting Down Republic Wireless?

In the latest prepaid report by Wave7 Research suggests Republic Wireless will soon end operations. Multiple sources confirmed to Wave7 that closure is likely, although there is no clear time frame.

In November, Republic shut down its online community forums. Their social media accounts also went primarily dark last year. In 2022, there was only one post on Facebook, Twitter and IG by the brand all year Although, Republic did use those forums to occasionally respond to support requests.

The DISH Wireless website no longer mentions Republic Wireless or contains the Republic logo. It has been replaced by a logo for Boost Infinite.

DISH acquired Republic Wireless and its 200,000 subscribers in March of 2021. DISH rebranded Republic Wireless two separate times in less than a year.

In November of 2021, a report suggested that Republic Wireless was rebranding to become focused on the senior-market, a-la Consumer Cellular – and in December they did just that.

The rebranding announcement was the only social media post from the brand in 2022.

DISH did offer some new promotions via Republic Wireless. Dish satellite tv customers were offered discounts on Republic Wireless service.

Churn rose at Republic once Dish took over. One customer posted a mini rant on how happy they were to leave citing terrible customer service and the new plans as reasons for their exodus. Several others in the thread posted similar sentiments.

“We at Wave7 Research are hearing that Republic Wireless is likely to be shuttered. The brand has been severely neglected since it was purchased, unlike Gen Mobile, which is getting strong investment and attention under DISH Network ownership.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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2 comments on “Is Dish Shutting Down Republic Wireless?

I’ve been a Republic Wireless member for years with my family. Hate to see the company go down. The price has been so affordable. I truly enjoy wifi-calling and the a la carte of 1 gig (making things less expensive). I have coached my children in using wifi as the program intended albeit in the car I KNOW they wish they had unlimited. 4 lines for me at $70ish…just can’t be beat. Unlimited…I’m up to $100. I have not wanted to go there. When RW goes out…… it Boost I need to consider? I just went through the RW hassle of developing two accounts during their ‘change over!’ of programs (limit 2 per lines per one account – type of thing). Overall, I’ve been VERY happy with RW. Price being number 1. RW went from Sprint to T-Mobile and now to AT&T ‘s networks over the past decade. I left Sprint to go to RW because they saved me $100 a month AND……still road the Sprint network. It’s been a journey, but one I have been proud of. I’ll leave this at that for now………until I get cornered to make ‘another’ choice….:-( – Franklin


Republic’s infrastructure and devs basically built Boost Infinite. Boost Infinite always was slated to be the replacement for Republic.

Republic as a brand had almost zero equity in the marketplace. Google used their investment in Republic to study operations and make Google Fi. After that, nobody savvy really followed Republic.

Which is a great lesson in not letting Big Tech in the front door of your startup, but it explains Republic’s demise well here.


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