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Has T-Mobile begun the “merger process”?

T-Mobile _ NWIDAI received a direct message from a T-Mobile salesperson, which I found interesting:

Good Morning Adam

As you may have heard in the news, the final steps of the Sprint/T-Mobile merger have been approved and set to move forward. Now what? Well, T-Mobile will be the brand name of course so the great news is we will be keeping our awesome Magenta color! We just added A LOT of spectrum. In about 3 months we will light on the entire Sprint Network w 5G. This will give us about 4 times the speed of both AT&T and Verizon. They will not have access to this technology for about a year and a half. This gives T-Mobile a decisive advantage moving forward. If you are a Sprint client, you will soon boarding T-Mobile…I can treat Sprint clients as new customers until the end of March. Then, you will be moved over with the merger process I would imagine.

As you can imagine, that’s brought up a lot of questions:

• Why has T-Mobile begun the “merger process” when the merger isn’t complete?
• What IS the merger process?
• When was T-Mobile told that they would control the Sprint spectrum by June?
• Is this nothing but salesperson BS?

We think it’s the last – just salesperson BS- but we don’t know for sure -yet. If you know, please contact us (comment below, call, text or email us)

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2 comments on “Has T-Mobile begun the “merger process”?

Salesperson bluster. May have been copy approved by someone senior, because it’s well written.

Basically Sprint and T-Mobile have to treat customers as new customers, because it’s legally “business as usual” – Throughout this process, T-Mobile has walked right up to the line of acting as if the merger is a done deal.

Keep in mind salespeople (at both companies) right now can count converts from Sprint to T-Mobile (or vice-versa) as a new customer win. So they’re pushing hard to secure businesses that they would have to treat “off limits” after the merger.


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