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Details on Boost and the T-Mobile Network

Sprint / T-Mobile Merger (NWIDA)We’ve found a great post about some FAQs regarding Boost and T-Mobile (network) – so we’ve re-posted them here.

Right now, you must live in one of four trial markets (Colorado, Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Texas)  to activate on T-Mobile. Activations should start on May 15.

Existing customers will not automatically be moved to T-Mo. They must upgrade to a new device that is compatible and choose to switch to the new network.

Existing customer devices will continue to work long after May 15th without any changes No one is (yet) being forced to buy a new phone or change networks at this time.

New/Port customers can pick devices that work on the current (Sprint) network or devices that work on both networks and can choose which network they prefer. Later this year, there may be additional devices that only work on the T-Mobile  network but there will still be Sprint devices in store for a while.

Only certain zip codes will continue to activate only on Sprint at this time. These are zip codes that T-Mobile has far worse coverage.

Family plans can be a mix of Sprint and/or T-Mobile phones/network – provided the family plan is a current offering.

No grandfathered plans will be allowed on T-Mobile network except the $80 ultimate unlimited plan (for upgrades only). If you’re on an 2/$75 plan and you want to upgrade your device and change to the T-Mobile network, you will need to switch to a current plan first.

There will be two separate BYOD plans, one for the T-Mobile network and one for the Sprint network. The GSM sim will cost $9.99 for BYOD customers – these are not available yet.

Once you upgrade your device and choose the T-Mobile network, you cannot change back to the Sprint network.

The exception to this is if you Boost-up from a Sprint network to a T-Mobile network, they will allow you to cancel, as required by law, within 7 days  – but you may not have service on your old phone for a couple days while it’s migrated back to Sprint network.

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3 comments on “Details on Boost and the T-Mobile Network

Gene Giuliani Jr

but when will existing boost customer be offically transitioned to the Tmo network i have a boost mobile account for a family member and I pay for the service $50 a month I am NOT repeat NOT getting a new device to use on the Tmo netowrk if I cant use my existing Boost Mobile device then im switching to another network that may or may not work on the other carrier bcuz new devices are far to expensive and if my device works on the TMO network where do we get these sim cards?

Gene Giuliani Jr

but why upsets me is Boost mobile/Dish is not allowing current customers that cant afford to upgrade their devices and allow them to just change sim cards and use the TMO network alot of Boost current customers like myself cant afford to purchase a new device this whole transition is a mess current customers are left in the dark as to whats going on and the web site doesnt really explain hardly anything the current Boost customers need to hear from Dish directly to find out what their plans for Boost are going to be


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