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T-Mobile has turned over the rest of the cards. In a corporate post (link below), they claim they’re “… Reshaping Retail in a Digital‑First World” T-Mobile retail will look vastly different very soon: After asking Is brick-and-mortar retail dead? – they answered:  Yes, the way we’ve known it is dead. T-Mobile is changing their distribution to the following: Read more…

T-Mobile keeps promising not to raise prices, but once again, they’ve raised fees to the customer – and they continue to cut out the dealers who built the business. Back in October, 2000 Metro stopped paying dealers a fee to accept in-store payments. This didn’t decrease any income to the dealers, but certainly increased the cost – Read more…

Back in October, 2020 (pretty much in the middle of the pandemic) T-Mobile made the decision to stop paying Metro dealers a $1 commission when they took an in-payment store.  In fact, we even heard about dealers who stopped taking payments in their stores.  Well, now T-Mobile does it again. Effective April 1, they’re raising the in-store Read more…

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