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T-Mobile made 4 big “UnCarrier” annoucements today: Nationwide 5G will launch December 6 T-Mobile Heroes Initiative: a 10 year commitment to free 5G access with unlimited talk, text and data for EVERY first responder in the USA Free service and hotspots to 10 million households around the US, designed to close the digital gap at schools T-Mobile Connect – $15/month prepaid service. Read more…

Peter Adderton, founder of Boost Mobile, Peter thinks Dish will be looking to cut costs and could jettison as many as 2.5 million prepaid customers. Apparently, these would be wireless consumers that Dish doesn’t believe it could make any money on. Adderton believes Dish will need to cut costs so that it can pay for the build-out Read more…

Assurant announced it has acquired CPR – (Cell Phone Repair), one of the largest global franchisors of mobile device repair stores with more than 700 locations. “Acquiring CPR is a part of our ongoing efforts to improve the customer experience by expanding options for service and support where, when and how consumers want,” said Manny Becerra, president Read more…

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