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NWIDA Quoted in Event-Driven Article

Recently, Adam Wolf (NWIDA President) was interviewed and quoted in an article for Event Driven, a Reorg Research product, offers real-time news and analysis on the most important mergers, acquisitions and special situations for investors, traders and lawyers. 

Although the DOJ often views comments from competitors with some skepticism, the arguments from the likes of Adderton and the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association, or NWIDA, will likely carry weight because they shed light on potential consumer harm (rather than just harm to smaller competitors) to millions of MVNO subscribers that could result from the merger.

NWIDA president Adam Wolf stressed to Event Driven that his organization is “not against the merger.” But the competition issues related to prepaid markets “need to be solved.”

“From our point of view, it doesn’t make sense for the new T-Mobile to keep both brands,” Wolf said. “It is very often the case that they are within half a block of each other.”


You can read the entire article HERE

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