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It’s On Again (For Now)

That long talked about marriage between Sprint and T-Mobile is back on – or at least the talks are.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the companies have resumed talks of a merger for what is the third time in four years. The companies weren’t able “to find mutually agreeable terms” last fall, when talks ended without an agreement in November. Discussions are at a preliminary phase, the WSJ reports, and so they may still fall apart yet again.

Different this time around, however, is the antitrust case between the US Justice Department and AT&T, which is trying to push through its acquisition of Time Warner in order to create one of the world’s most powerful telecommunications and entertainment empires. The trial entered its fourth week yesterday.

If Sprint and T-Mobile merged, they would have a telecom business larger than that of AT&T’s and would help SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom, the respective owners of Sprint and T-Mobile, compete better with the top two US telecoms. But we don’t yet know how the Trump administration, which pushed the FCC to kill neutrality last year and yet opposes the AT&T merger, would view a Sprint and T-Mobile combination if it did proceed beyond preliminary talks.

You can read the entire article HERE

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