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California passes Right to Repair (SB-244)

CACalifornia has become the 3rd state to pass a “right to repair” law, following Minnesota and NY. The bill had been introduced in 2019 and passed, nearly unanimously, through the state legislature in September.

The state director of CALPIRG, Jenn Engstom, told iFixIt:
“This is a victory for consumers and the planet, and it just makes sense.” “Right now, we mine the planet’s precious minerals, use them to make amazing phones and other electronics, ship these products across the world, and then toss them away after just a few years’ use … We should make stuff that lasts and be able to fix our stuff when it breaks, and now thanks to years of advocacy, Californians will finally be able to, with the Right to Repair.”

The new law stipulates that all electronics and appliances costing $50 or more, and sold within the state after July 1, 2021, will be covered under the legislation once it goes into effect on July 1, 2024.

For electronics that cost between $50 and $99, device makers will have to stock replacement parts and tools, as well as maintain documentation for 3 years. Items over $100 will be covered for the full 7 years. Companies that fail to comply will be fined $1,000/day on the first violation, $2,000/day for the second and $5,000/day for violation after.

No game consoles are covered and neither are alarm systems or heavy industrial equipment that “vitally affects the general economy of the state, the public interest, and the public welfare.”

Bill sponsor Sen. Susan Talamantes Eggman (whom NWIDA has been in touch with regarding this bill) said:

“I’m thrilled that the Governor has signed the Right to Repair Act into law.”  “As I’ve said all along, I’m so grateful to the advocates fueling this movement with us for the past six years, and the manufacturers that have come along to support Californians’ Right to Repair. This is a common sense bill that will help small repair shops, give choice to consumers, and protect the environment.”

The bill received support from Apple, as they (eventually) wrote a letter stating, “We support ‘SB 244′ because it includes requirements that protect individual users’ safety and security as well as product manufacturers’ intellectual property.”

NWIDA President Adam Wolf said:
“NWIDA is pleased to be part of the hard-working team that brought this bill into law. We ask all repair shops, in California and elsewhere, to donate and support our efforts in making laws like this pass across the country. Repair shops can join for as little as $25/month, or make a one-time or recurring donation. Details and signup can be found at

NWIDA greatly appreciates every contribution and recognizes each one makes a significant impact. 

NWIDA members, contact us today if you need our assistance and if you’re not yet a member, we invite you to join today.
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