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National Wireless Independent Dealer Association

Phone Experience Program

If you’re a wireless dealer, NWIDA has a new benefit just for you.

We’re calling it the Phone Experience program, and it provides phone manufacturers the opportunity to get their product into your hands.

It consists of what we call the SALES Experience and the USER Experience. In summary, they work like this:

The manufacturer provides at least one model of phone and at least 2 units.

  • USER Experience: You agree to use the phone for 2 weeks and complete a survey about how the phone performed.
  • SALES Experience – You agree to sell the phone to the customer. Report includes price sold, customer impressions of the phone, comments on returns (if any.)

This is an incredible opportunity – it provides you awareness of new products on the market, as well as a competitive advantage over carrier owned and big-box stores. You get the opportunity to “test drive” before any MOQs or large orders!

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