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MMGuardian Parental Control System

MGuardian, an award-winning parental control solution, which empowers parents to oversee their child’s phone and online activities, thereby safeguarding them from potential risks.

The MMGuardian system uses AI algorithms to identify child safety risks by analyzing children’s texts, social media, and pictures without invading children’s privacy. Our AI-Powered message analysis uses a deep learning model trained with our proprietary dataset, drawn from 4 billion+ texts and messages sent/received by children.

Core User Functionality for a child’s Android device:

  • AI Powered Child Safety Alerts
  • SMS and Social app Text Monitoring
  • Inappropriate Image Detection
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Location, On-Demand or Scheduled
  • Device Lock, On-Demand or Scheduled
  • Application Blocking and Screen Time Limits
  • Call and Text Blocking
  • Web Filtering
  • Low CPU and battery usage
  • Advanced Tamper and Uninstall Protection

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