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National Wireless Independent Dealer Association

Dealer Round Table / Dealer Leadership Group

NWIDA is launching two new new benefits – the Dealer Round Table and the Dealer Leadership Group.

We’re looking for dealers to join one or both groups. 

The Dealer Round Table (DRT) 
is a forum consisting of 6-10 dealers, discussing “what’s new” and “what’s important” in the wireless world today. Meetings will take place once a month (primarily on-line) and is an open-forum to discuss issues and topics of pressing interest to the dealer/repair community.

Members of the DRT will be asked to participate, on average, of twice a year. The DRT is open to anyone in the community and participants do not have to be NWIDA members. 

Issues brought up at DRT meetings may be brought to the attention of outside companies (i.e. PIN/POSA, Master Agents, MVNOs, etc.) by NWIDA for action.

Dealer Leadership Group (DLG)
is a group of 8 dealers, discussing high-level topics, including input on NWIDA itself. The DLG members must be a current NWIDA member. Member terms will be for 6 months and members may serve two terms.

Meetings will take place (on average) every 6 weeks (primarily on-line.) DLG meetings may have invited guests (such as MVNOs, Equipment Manufacturers or POSA/PIN providers) and provides the DLG members the opportunity to discuss top issues directly with those companies.

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