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Accept National GiftCards

Accept National Giftcards with NWIDANWIDA is pleased to announce a new benefit – the ability to accept national giftcards as payment in your store. Now you can accept cards from brands like Amazon, Kohl’sTarget, Starbucks, iTunes, even BestBuy or Walmart and more!

Here’s how it works:

  • Customer walks in with a gift-card from any one of over 100 national stores.
  • You swipe (or key in) the card into the portal, or via the portal’s app.
    • Or, use the built-in integration with your POS or their API.
  • You’ll instantly see the value of the card and the maximum value you can accept.
  • Customer gets rid of a card from a store they’ll never use; you get cash!
  • 24/7 World-Class Reporting system.

In addition, the program includes a built in e-gift card program – just for your store! There is no cost and no fees for the e-cards, and you can issue an unlimited number of your own gift cards.

Oh, and there is no application fee for NWIDA members – a savings of $49.99!

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