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Blue Beat Digital

Blue Beat Digital - NWIDA

Imagine a company that understands your market and your business

A company that offers an all in-house solution from distribution to activation by adding value and providing direct solutions to the MVNO industry.

A company who takes pride in their unique customizable approach that’s at the pulse of the mobile cellular trade.

Imagine one company who markets and sells over 1000 products under one umbrella.


Blue Beat Digital was founded over 20 years ago in South Africa, and expanded into the USA in early 2019. With 20 years in the telecom industry,  we aim to create innovative, authentic, mobile communication experiences for millions of consumers around the globe.

We have developed our own range of branded mobile phones and accessories that we bundle with SIM cards to offer a full-service mobile phone and data package.

It is our goal to establish long term relationships with our customer base by offering fast delivery and hassle-free customer service.

Our Field Marketing Services Division was born from our original core business, Telecoms, a nationwide specialist in prepaid sim card distribution. Through our vast experience in the distribution in the consumer trade, we have grown as leaders in identifying and executing major brand implementations and activity for large companies.

At BLUE BEAT DIGITAL we add great value in establishing a firm brand presence for companies through focused distribution, activations and brand installations in all types of environments, providing our dealers with a customized business in a box approach.

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